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Facelift for Rocket Pool - Bilston & Bradley

At Nocturnal we like a challenge. So when we were contacted by Bilston & Bradley Children's Centre to re-brand their newly refurbished centre at Rocket Pool, Bilston we couldn't wait to get started.

The centre itself sits in a great position looking over the pool. Unfortunately the exterior of the building was in need of a facelift. We suggested maybe we could redress the existing cladding to make it more appealing and provide an improved base for the new signage.



After providing a few mock ups it was clear the project would benefit the centre. Although this was essentially a signage project we wanted to prove our team could deliver something more balanced and create a fresh outlook for Bilston & Bradley.

So what do you think? We think the results speak for themselves. Unfortunately the repainting has not yet been commissioned but we think it looks great.

If you have an unusual signage or display requirement give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you tackle any project and revitalise your work space.

For cost effective rapid solutions call Richard Phillips on 0121 747 9800 or email click here

End result:

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